BDP is Estate Agency management software. It is simple and intuitive to use yet incredibly powerful, and features customisable workflow which is uniquely adaptable to your estate agency. It powers website listings, electronic displays, portal listings and internal back-office processes.

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BDP is simple to use
Simple to use

Cloud-based estate agency management interface fully customisable to your business needs.

BDP is fully integrated
Fully integrated

Transfer data between BDP and your internal systems via our API and feed all external systems and portals.

BDP integrates with just a few lines of code

We'll set everything up for you. Our contract is a rolling 30 days so you can stop at any time.

BDP is fully customisable
100% customisable

Fast deployment by your web design agency. Fit in with your existing branding with total control.

Full back-office

Agency back-office management system allows you to see the precise requirements of your applicants, deliver details automatically both on and off-line and track the entire conveyancing process.

Access anywhere.

Web-based software allows access from anywhere - home, mobile iPad or tablet, hotel… You can access and keep on top of your business at a time and place to suit you. The flexibility afforded to your staff has the potential to significantly improve productivity.

Unique map search

BDP has made a considerable investment in developing what we believe to be the best map search technology in the market. Using Google Maps it shows markers for all your available properties which appear and disappear in real-time as search criteria are changed.

Flexible integration

You don't need any special coding or development to integrate BDP. Just copy our code snippet to ANY page on your existing website and it just works. Let us help you pre-populate BDP with your listings.